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A Social Network can be defined as ‘‘web-based services that allow individuals people to construct their own public or semi public profile in the system, view their list of connections those made by other people within the system. (According to reference no [6]) Social networks are a social phenomenon and unique web that affecting behaviours of their users and helping them to create or maintain friendships with friends of users.

Online Social Networks are become the best choice to connecting people. Online social networks, which are collections of individuals people who share knowledge or information regarding a common interest over the internet. Online Social Networks become popular day by day. For example, social network sites such as,
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They may increase customer’s engagement, and help to increase sale (According to reference no [5]). Social Media Marketing can be use for increasing the brand awareness among customers on online platforms through utilization of the WOM principles. [35] Usage of the existing social media platforms for As such, it supports two forms of promotion: First is traditional marketing promotion, which is refers to the communication driven by the companies towards their customers and second is social promotion, which is unique for social media platforms and is embodied within the consumer-to-consumer communication (according to reference no…show more content…
2005 in reference no [38]). Engagement on Facebook accounts for the public ways social audience can interact with brand posts or make them show up in their Newsfeeds and those of their Facebook friends. [39]
There are many methods by which people can engage with Brand post’s content, by sharing, liking, commenting or clicking through, is what makes Facebook such a powerful, versatile network for marketers. [40]
To find Engagement of brand page evaluate the effect of the content characteristics, such as content type, media type, day of posting and time of posting, over the level of online engagement on a Facebook brand page. There are many possible ways to measure the engagement Rate first is the number of likes over the content created by the page moderator, second is number of comments, third is number of shares and fourth is interaction

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