Role Of Society In Fahrenheit 451

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In 1953, a man named Ray Bradbury wrote a book called Fahrenheit 451. In the book, he predicted how the future would be…and it turns out he was almost dead on. In the book Fahrenheit 451 ,the society is like nothing we know today. People had little right, and what rights they did have they were so “brainwashed”, that they didn't ever realize they had them. Books, freedom of information, and media are non-existent. The people accept what they are told. In the book, people do not stop and think. They don't take things in, nor pay attention. Even in school they are not required to think. Instead of asking questions and trying to figure out the problem, they are just given the answer. Page Number 6- “They don't know what grass is”. They are all moving too fast for their own good. Cars go 80 miles an hour, tvs take up the whole wall, and wars don't matter. Every one is the society is oblivious, and if by any chance someone stops to think, the government “gets rid” of them. Anyone who tries to break that cycle, is a threat.…show more content…
That they are full of useless things. And since there is nothing in them of importance, what's the point of reading them? Reading books is against the law. Page Number 51- “Books leveled down to a sort of past pudding norm”. The people in the book believe that books are pointless and just take up space. And what do you do when you have something that takes up get rid of it. And that's exactly what firemen do in the book. They go around burning any book they see along with the building the book is
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