Role Of Sociology In Sociology

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The object of research for sociology and social anthropology has been changing quite substantively since last few decades. Shift from studying community to state has also gained popularity. Here the crucial thing, which is not to be missed, is the changing nature of state and the relationship between state and society. The emerging challenges in the modern world for improving public health are social, cultural and behavioral changes. Social scientists have opened up a broad discourse that framed public health issues as socially produce political issues as a concept of “Social Medicine". Marx and Eagles defined health an overt social- political agenda. Some other social scientists contributed with epidemiological approach. Virchow and Durkheim…show more content…
Here personal relationship and social influence in the social behaviour of human beings is study of social approach. Sociologists suggest that the task of the sociologist is to understand the functioning of the society and working of the governance. Sociology is not a policy science, it is a reflective discipline. It should critically understand the functioning of the society. The simplest view of the academic discipline of sociology is that it is somehow concerned with the understanding of human societies. However, this does not take us very far as most people feel they know a good deal about the society in which they live because they experience it every day; this can be described as 'common-sense ' knowledge. Another approach would be to define sociology as a research-based study of society. However, there are other academic disciplines such as history, politics, economics, anthropology and social psychology that also have human society as the object of study. Probably the best way of defining the contribution of sociology is by looking at the key questions that originally stimulated the development of the academic discipline and which continue to underpin sociological research today such as-What gives social life a sense of stability & order? How does social change & development come about? What is the nature of the relationship between the individual and the society in which they live? To what extent does the society into which people are born shape their beliefs, behavior & life chances (including health
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