Role Of Sound In Life

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I disagree with the title statement because sound is one of the key elements of life. Sound can have profound effects on emotion, and adds richness and context to our surroundings. Sound is a vital channel of communication, and in art, as in life, sound plays an important role. It is just as – if not more – important than visual media. Though visual art is aesthetically pleasing, and is used as a medium of self-expression, sound is the medium through which we experience art. Art is everywhere, and covers a broad range of media such as Film, Video Games, Traditional art etc. Audio often goes unnoticed, and in many cases is subliminal, however sound is a sense that is linked intrinsically with emotion. A visual can be striking, haunting or empowering,…show more content…
The role of sound in a medium such as film is integral to the mood and overall experience of the piece. Sound has many roles in regards to film. It has a direct narrative role, and can draw the attention of characters to an off-screen event. This changes the direction of the film, and is often used to progress the story. However, sound can also have a subliminal narrative role. It can manipulate the emotions of the viewer, and work unconsciously. Listeners barely ever perceive sounds analytically. Sound is generally taken in as a whole, despite being constructed carefully from many pieces to tell a story. Filmmakers can manipulate sounds to produce a route to emotional involvement in the material by the audience. The most obvious example of this is film score. Heard by themselves, film scores often make little sense in relation to the story, however, the music is written to enhance the mood of the scene and underscore the action, as a background activity. The music can tell the audience how to feel, from moment to…show more content…
Like art, audio is everywhere. And one example of where audio is as important, if not more important than the visual media, is video games. According to Tom Hoggins, “Video games should be heard and not just seen.” (The Telegraph, March 2013) Sound is a part of video games that too many players never experience fully, often being turned off or ignored. Visuals in video games are only half the story. Sound design in video games is becoming more and more crucial. Good sound design can immerse you in an environment, and more importantly let you know what’s going on around you. “The audio in video games is crucial, and whilst it may play a somewhat subconscious part to the user, its effects are astounding.” (Smith , The Artistry in Games ,2014) As in film, audio in video games play a narrative role. A game without the sound, feels very different to play. High tension and suspense are lost, and the game becomes uninteresting to play. The visuals in a game are crucial, however without audio, the ambience and atmosphere of the story are lost. Having both the audio and visual media is extremely important. One popular audio technique employed in video games is the Pentatonic Scale. The major pentatonic scale is used to give players a non-verbal reward cue – a way to tell them they are on the right track. The happy upbeat tones are often very recognizable. This is particularly evident in games like Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda and

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