Role Of Space In Kami Histeria

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Analysis Cinematic Space as Representation Space in Film “Kami Histeria”
Cinematic space is represented or produced space. And if, as Henri Lefebvre argues about space is produced than the ‘object’ of interest must be expected to shift from things in space to the actual production of space. Lefebvre develops space that he calls “a conceptual triad” in explaining how space is produced first is, spatial practice refers to the, “In terms of social space, and of each member of a given society’s relationship to that space, this cohesion implies a guaranteed level of competence and a specific level of performance” it is mean that where applicable activities (The Production of Space, p.33). Representations of space they are refer to ‘space of culture, traditional, urban and rural. Representational spaces refer to spaces “lived” directly “through its associated images and symbols and hence the space of ‘inhabitants’ and ‘users” (p.39). These are the lived experiences that emerge as a result of the dialectical relation between spatial practice and representations of spaces.
From the film that I have chosen is ‘Kami Histeria’ is a comedy thriller genre is about band group of women who are trying to find a voice of Langsuir to put in their music. The cinematic space that being seeing in this film is Urban space, definition by Matthew Dobias is “characteristics of city”. From that film the cinematic space that being use is Urban space because we can see

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