Kami Histeria Film Analysis

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Analysis Cinematic Space as Representation Space in Film “Kami Histeria”
Cinematic space is represented or produced space. And if, as Henri Lefebvre argues about space is produced than the ‘object’ of interest must be expected to shift from things in space to the actual production of space. Lefebvre develops space that he calls “a conceptual triad” in explaining how space is produced first is, spatial practice refers to the, “In terms of social space, and of each member of a given society’s relationship to that space, this cohesion implies a guaranteed level of competence and a specific level of performance” it is mean that where applicable activities (The Production of Space, p.33). Representations of space they are refer to
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In this film, the girl are play as Indie band. Indie as a summary is independent. A more general definition of the word is to be independent of the main flow. This word gets associated with a culture that is defined by its relation to music, fashion, habits, and beliefs. Indie culture is one lifestyle which is, according to the style conscious society deemed to deviate from mainstream. A uniform belief in indie culture is anti-based. The main effect of the resulting culture of indie music field, which is associated with the art of DIY culture. Many followers of the culture associated with indie music and art scene terrain non-local. As the represent in this film the girl band has been created by them and their try to being popular through Media Social youtube their upload the recording and get more…show more content…
But also in this film their representational space have three kind of space which culture space, religious space, and modern space. Nevertheless, the combination of this three of space can shape as third space because third space happen when it is the space have combine. Here culture and modern has been combine because we see that the music band is about popular culture and combine with the langsuir the look modern so third space a happen. I have analyzed that the combination between popular culture and modern it is can make it as third space. In the world of globalization we can say that event something is horror or scared can be combine with music that totally it it different from
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