Role Of Sport In Society

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‘’Sports provide a structured, organised world that satisfies some of our need of meaning’’ (Fulford 2006). From this statement we can see how sport plays a big role in society. Sport structures how we fit into society through the different activities we do. Sport helps you to develop as a human, it’s like a religion where it provides rules and guidelines and develops how you should act. There are many theories too describe different behaviours and how each theory describes how different social factors affect us in society. Social theories helps us to understand why we do things the way we do them in society. In society there are many inequalities factors such as:
• Race
• Gender
• Social Class
• Sexuality
• Disability
With every inequality it changes our perception of the world aka our society. In our society we have currently five major theory’s, and we also think how we can change our society, this is called ‘theorizing’ (hooks, 1992).
The five major theories are:
1. Functionalist theory
2. Conflict theory
3. Interactionist theory
4. Critical theory
5. Feminist theory
Social Theories
Functionalist theory is all about stability in society and revolves around traditional thinking. This theory works if all parts of society work in conjunction to each other and if this is achieved society as a whole will be stable. The great thing about functionalist theory is that if an incident occurs where it does not work, in theory society will adapt to that change and
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