The Importance Of Stakeholder Communication

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What role do the Stakeholder Management processes play in determining stakeholder communication needs and developing an effective communication strategy?

Stakeholder management is a crucial part of the strategic management of organization. Stakeholder management is the systematic, planning, analysis and implementation of actions to reduce the risk or negative impact and increase positive impact. Different objectives, interests and expectations of stakeholders directly contributes to the success of the project. (Aaltonen, 2011; Cleland, 1986; Jepsen & Eskerod, 2009.
Some defined steps are emphasized to the stakeholder management process:
1. Identify stakeholders
2. Classify the stakeholders
3. Develop Stakeholder Management Strategy
4. Plan
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Stakeholder communication ensures the effective engagement of different stakeholders and hence plays a fundamental role in project stakeholder management (Crane & Livesey, 2003; Welch & Jackson, 2007).

How do project status, issues, and accomplishment information get shared?
Project status, issues, and accomplishment information is shared through project communications management. Project communications management insures that planning is appropriate for retrieval, collection, distribution, control, and management of project information. Good communication can create a bridge for new communications with diverse interest and perspectives for diverse stakeholders. Project status and information is shared through different media tools. Some of the different media tools that are used are email, telephone, updated project documents, and weekly meetings. During meetings many issues can be discussed and possibly resolved.
What types of information are shared through
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Email can speed the process of updating documents and changes that should take effect immediately. Email has also allowed the calendar and other dates to sync with email to make time and dates easily organized. Project reports and presentation can also be sent through email. Feedback from stakeholders and other project members can also be utilized through emails. Social networking has also made it possible for many organizations to do video sharing and photo sharing. This allows the members to see a visual of what their prospects or team mates look like. Blogging can also be a useful tool for many project managers. Blogging can allow people to ask questions and get a better understanding of the subject matter. Some blogs are designed to help progress your project management capabilities.
How has social networking affected the efficiency and effectiveness of project communications?
Social networking has affected the efficiency and effectiveness of project communications in many ways. Social networking sites are websites that build social relations with others that have the same or similar interest. Many of these social networking sites also provide email and instant messaging. Social networking also allows everyone to rsvp to an event or event date. Social is medium of interaction to create and share their ideas and exchange the information.
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