Stakeholders In Tourism Development Essay

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2.6 Role of Stakeholders in Sustainable Tourism Development
Stakeholders refer to any individual or groups of people that have an interest in the happening of an organization. In the word of Donaldson and Preston (1995), to be stakeholder; an individual or group must have a “legitimate interest” in the field, so, in sustainable tourism development, the stakeholders would be mainly the government, tourism organizations, local communities, tourists, voluntary sector organizations, educational institutions, media and other sectors who are involved in or affected positively or negatively by tourism.
Sustainable tourism development must have the full collaboration of different stakeholders elsewhere benefit will go only to the powerful ones (Dyer P, 2007). Another, issue is that without those stakeholder’s support in the community, it is infeasible to develop tourism in a sustainable way, besides, each stakeholder has their own way to fix the need and expectation toward tourism development which sometime may lead to conflict.
However, the local community regards to be an essential stakeholder behind the other stakeholders, as, they can support supplementary tourism development and planning in their areas
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Residents’ perceptions towards tourism development were measured using 22 items, with their support being of 8 items. Principal component analysis grouped the first 22 variables into 4 factors, and the following 8 variables into 2 factors (sustainable development, destination development). Results indicate that tourism is seen as a development factor. The natural, economic, and social-cultural environment as well as infrastructure, age, gender and education are factors that influence the sustainable development of tourism. (Iulia C. Muresan,

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