Role Of Status In The Military

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The way one gets placed into society individually is by their role. A role is a way of identifying an individual. Even though a role may be occupied by more than one individual it maintains its stability. My role as a military working dog handler is the same as the soldiers I work with even though our statuses may differ.
Status is also used when referring to social status. Social status is the position of a person on a publicly recognized scale of social worth. When referring back to the question and considering status, my answer to who am I would be nobody. Not that I don’t think highly of myself, but due to the fact that I do not have a high public status currently. Now if you were to ask my status within my family my answer would be the opposite. My status in the Army would be that I am an E5 promotable. My status with family is that I am a son, a brother, a husband and a father. One individual can have many statuses and these statuses may eventually fall into different groups.
The best way that I can explain and also understand socialization is that it is the process through which culture is passed from generation to generation. My Socialization process did not simply start with me. It started years ago with my mother and father who learned socialization from their mother and father and so on. I will pass on my knowledge of socialization to my son and any other future children I have. I firmly believe that in life we, as parents, are our children’s first and most

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