Role Of Storytelling In Knowledge Management

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Knowledge management is used to create, store, share and manage the knowledge and information of an organization. Nowadays, there are many methods to manage information and knowledge. One of them is storytelling. It is very usual in human’s daily life. The problem is how to apply it to knowledge management. The following content is the literature review of the usage of storytelling for managing knowledge, which includes the definition and role of storytelling, relationship between storytelling and knowledge management, benefits of using storytelling as a tool for knowledge management and the way to create and tell a successful story. Storytelling Storytelling is an old technique in human history. It has many purposes at different context. Reamy (2002) indicates storytelling is not only use to entertain, but also use to make the world more sensible for a very long time, perhaps started when human had language. For organization storytelling, in order to ensure a shared meaning and understanding story is constructed, it is important to have interaction between teller and listener (Khairul and Ahmad, 2010). According to Swap, et al (2001), an organizational story is “a detailed narrative of past management actions, employee interactions, or other intra-or extra-organizational events that are communicated informally within the organization”. It is created internally and reflect the organization’s culture and value. Also, it must be memorable to achieve effectiveness (Eric and
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