Role Of Strategic Human Resource Management

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Since mid-1980’s HRM has gained acceptance in both academic and commercial circle. According to Chandramohan (2008), “Human Resources are most important and vital assets of an organization as the productivity of all other resources depends upon people.” This is the essential reason that from the organization perspective Human Resources signifies the total qualities, knowledge and skills of an employee in carrying out a particular job. Most importantly it differentiates that the human resource functions must be carefully coordinated with the organization’s bottom line and vision.
The main objective of this research is to examine the role of strategic human resource management in an organization’s existing context; as an
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Unlike former periods, this stage represents the integration of personnel management and industrial relations into a coordinated and strategic approach to the management of an organization’s employees and this led to the development of Strategic Human Resource Management.” (Ferris and Napie, 1990)
The HR functions process starts from recruiting human resources since it cannot operate independently which have to be interconnected with each other. Firstly, this process will starts with HR planning to Staffing /recruit the right talent while retaining their existing best talent, to rewarding proportionally in order to build motivation among employees and other functions such as; conducting induction programs to contribute towards firm’s strategy.
In today’s environment Human Resources department handles a broad range of activities within an organization. The first most responsibility of the HR manager is to make arrangements in different activities that the HR department is capable of delivering value to company and its staff. Also should bear in mind the bottom line if they are to fulfil the role according to the job
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These employees are also central to creating sustainable firms. However, majority fail to involve them along with the HR department to drive sustainability initiatives.
The best practice to impact the bottom line is to firstly find what the firms revenue and vision; and then come-up with the HR solutions to make it a reality. Therefore, organizations that are using sustainability to make stronger the basic HR functions to win the battle for the right candidates, motivate employees, performance appraisals and well as wellness and health, workplace communication and much more.
“In this process of change, the leaders of GE’s human resource (HR) function have played a crucial role. Their work in advancing ecomagination and healthymagination and supporting GE’s other moves towards sustainability underscores the fact that organizational change is about changing the thinking, feelings, and ultimately the behavior of people. For this reason the HR leaders who help shape the workforce largely determine the success or failure of any important change initiative.”(Savitz and Lawler,

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