Responsibility For Media Messaging Essay

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Professor’s Name: Student’s Name: Course: Date of submission: Responsibility for Media Messaging QUESTION 1: In a period when exposure to tobacco, drugs and alcohol in the media is without a doubt inevitable, it is integral to understand how these persuasive message have an effect on young adults. The majority of media such as magazine, movies, Movies and advertisements depicts the use of the substances as an acceptable and common occurrence. As a result, the exposure to media that incorporate substance use might act as an initiation of substance use. According to Mulder ET all, music preferences and the behaviour of substance abuse amongst the peers are significant elements that can help explain substance use amongst young adults and adolescents (Mulder…show more content…
Parents can pay an active role by limiting the access of the youths to the inappropriate content by initially checking the content first and then allowing or denying the youth to interact or watch it. Parents should teach their children the negative impacts related to substance abuse and the impacts associated with consuming the media that promotes alcohol and substance abuse. The society should work towards ensuring that the various media containing and promoting and substance abuse and aimed at the youths get minimal or no air play. Further on, the society should start youth and community programs offering the youth other alternative activities that they ought to do with the leisure time other than listening or watching the music that might influence them towards starting use drugs and alcohol such as sport related activities. The youths should be taught on the impacts of substance use since they are more apt to avoid using them when there are aware of their harmful

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