Role Of Talent Management At Bharti Airtel

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The Global Scenario:
The globalization has completely transformed the type of today’s workforce. They have become complex, competent, dynamic and ambitious. In such an environment managing the right talent in a right way becomes one of the most critical areas of strategic HRM for both the present and future business needs. The practice of strategically managing talent is yet to gain pace for Indian organizations.
Present Challenges in Talent Management:
Although a lot of global companies have started following strategic methods for managing their talent, the process does bring with itself certain challenges like:
1. Spotting a right and a fitting talent
2. Ensuring a high employment engagement for the current
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The employees were divided into three segments – 1. Young Leaders (Fresh Business Recruits), 2. Emerging leaders (Middle management), 3. Business Leaders (Top Management)
This is just one type of segmentation based on the talent management perspective. Succession Planning is one of the focal aspect of talent management at Bharti Airtel. The performance of best and productive employees are constantly mapped and tracked and the high performers are retained in the company.

Engaged and a happy employee:
A right implementation of strategic talent management has resulted in halving the attrition rate to merely 13.3 %. Employees remain more engaged and happier. They get a great learning environment with high growth potential. An effective succession planning has also come in place due to talent management. This has installed a sense of positive culture.
The positive changes have further encouraged the management to keep improving the talent management system so that maximum benefits could be reaped out of it.
The various parameters on which talent management was viewed were as follows:
1. Integrating talent management in the form of a process
2. Growth of employees and providing opportunities
3. Improving retention in the
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A standardization across the globe, in talent evaluation is essential because the line managers need to be confident of the fact that the employees who have been transferred to their unit from other units are of the same standard as theirs’.
Aligning the people goal to organization’s goal and promoting people from within the company to senior leadership company instead of external hiring also helped in the success of talent management.
However, one of the important challenge that most Indian companies are still facing is isolating the talent management from the everyday transactional work that HR does. Talent assessment still remains a part of talent management process that is in nascent stage until an organization adapts to the best practices in the industry.
Discussion Questions:
1. Do you think that the model adopted by Bharti Airtel for managing its talent is sustainable in long run? What problems, if any, could occur in a long run implementation of such a model of talent management?
2. The case presents different challenges that a global firm faces when managing talent. How do you think Airtel has successfully overcome these challenges?
3. How does strategic talent management differ from talent

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