Role Of Teachers In Matilda

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Teachers have always been portrayed in a positive light. They are usually portrayed as dedicated, caring, attractive, intelligent, and of course as the hero of the day. In the media, there are usually three types of teachers which are the inspirational, lazy, or negative teachers. The two types of teachers that are not shown are the ordinary teachers who work in a realistic classroom. In the movie “Matilda,” a six-year-old girl named Matilda Woodworm has a great learning ability with a strong sense of acting independently, but her parents refuse to send her to school. After Matilda retaliates against her parents, her dad finally allows her to go to the rundown Crunchem Elementary School where the principal’s name is Agatha Trunchbull. Miss Trunchbull enjoys giving the elementary children violent and harsh punishments for the fun of it.…show more content…
Later in the movie, Matilda’s parents get arrested for her dad’s illegal business, and Miss Trunchbull attacks the children at the elementary school. Miss Honey adopts Matilda, becomes the new principal, and they both live happily ever after. The teacher portrayed in this movie is the inspirational hero teacher. This is a typical stereotype for teachers and is necessary for the dramatic purposes of movies, television shows, and any other media. These media outlets all need a hero and an antagonist which is usually someone or something that stands in the way of the heroic teacher teaching an eye opening, encouraging lesson to students that need extra
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