Role Of Technology In Diplomacy

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Development of technology has influenced diplomacy for years. Technology brought many opportunities that diplomats in the past could not have imagined. On the book titled as Diplomacy for the 21st Century: Embedding a Culture of Science and Technology Throughout the Department of State, written by National Research Council, authors emphasize importance of development in technology for diplomacy. It states, “these capabilities (Science and Technology) provide the department with many opportunities to promote a variety of the interests of the United States and its allies in a rapidly changing world wherein S&T are important drivers of economic development at home and abroad and help ensure international security” (Diplomacy for the 21st Century). The book describes department of US foreign ministry’s important role to use capabilities of science and technology in diplomacy since they can bring significant influence to the field of diplomacy.…show more content…
In doing so, it would consider history of technological development and how it affects four core functions of diplomacy. On the first body paragraph, the essay analyzes how change in diplomacy due to technology happens in multidimensional ways. On the second body paragraph, the essay describes about the creation and development of telegraph which is an invention that impacted diplomacy much in the past. On the third body paragraph, the essay states how in these days, social media the impacts diplomacy. Finally, the last body paragraph would consider several pros and cons of change in diplomacy that technology brings on in regards to four core functions of

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