Role Of Technology In Education Essay

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Education is a blessing and has a positive effect on a society’s economy. It has been assessed by economists that India has the potential to take a prominent role in production and trade in the coming years. India’s education system over the past few decades has made considerable progress in becoming one of the powerful instruments of social change; however there is still a long way to go. There is shortage of skilled manpower in every industry sectors from carpentry workers to doctors and scientists. This deficit can be met by India if the Government focuses more of its resources on education. Education acts as an infrastructure for national development, promotes revolution of technology, develops dignity of labour, removes space between manual and mental labour, helps in fair distribution of income, promotes consumerist abilities,…show more content…
The ever evolving Technology can be used positively in our country to improve the quality of education. The new technologies proffer immense opportunities for development in all domains of life especially in economic growth, improved health, better service delivery, improved learning and socio-cultural advances. Technology possesses an amazing selection of tools that can endorse and enhance learning making it an extraordinary experience. Through technology-aided education, teachers would get a chance to collaborate to share their resources online, students could develop research skills at a young age, and students and teachers can have access to plenty of resource materials. The role of technology in education is imperative and this is an area where the Government should take a keen interest. With the effective use of technology, we can definitely determine the venerable tension between excellence and fairness. When technology improves education, it is a luminous step towards forming a better society and thereby, a better
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