Role Of Technology In Education

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Education is the essential part of an individual’s life and it is life long process. It is said that Education is a process from Womb to Tomb. But Education itself keeps on changing from time to time. Many changing have taken place from Vedic period to Modern period that is till now. Even at present many changes are taking place in education system. Earlier, and at present teachers are using lecture method for teaching purpose but simultaneously at present teachers of some institutes are using technology to teach their students. Technologies that are in use are like Radio, OHPs, Projectors, Interactive Boards, Computers, Internet, Mobile Phones and many more (Sagar, 2005). To teach the students with the use of technology one basic thing which is required is the combination of hardware and software in education. Only one of these two will not work. Educational Technology presents application of hardware and software approaches to education process that is in the teaching training instruction (Sharma and Sharma, 2006). This is how combination of this two will work for the betterment and the development of the education.
Figure 1.1: Technology of Education (Source: Sharma and Sharma, 2006)
In this technological era the evolution of terms like chemical technology, printing technology, leather technology, bio-technology etc. has affected the field to give wide currency to the concept of educational technology. Combination of different kinds of technological tools can be used to
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