Role Of Technology In Fahrenheit 51

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Isolation Caused by Technology As innovations in society are introduced, as well as technological advancements, obsession with technology increases and deteriorates relationships between individuals. This idea in literature can be seen in Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 51, through “Is Technology Making People Less Sociable?” by Larry Rosen. In a futuristic society that is portrayed in the novel, it seems that many old values have been removed and replaced by meaningless values with the idea of censorship. Censorship was put in place to keep books and their knowledge discrete and concealed. As a result, a lot of attention was set on technology to keep the citizen’s mind occupied and full with mediocre entertainment. Technology seems to entice Mildred, Montag’s wife, the most. Mildred puts her wall televisions before Montag during a conversation when, “she didn’t look up from her script ” (Bradbury 17). After overdosing on sleeping pills Montag is truly concerned about Mildred, yet his wife doesn’t give him the time of day to even discuss the issue. Mildred has her mind wrapped around her show to even discuss a serious issue with Montag. However, this sort of behavior is typical because serious issues like suicide are made seen like less…show more content…
If we do not stop our overall obsession with technology the cost will be the end of our friendships. A way that we can overcome our struggle to limit technology is to turn off our cell phones when we are at social events or when we are with people we care about. It’s amazing when someone makes you forget that you even have a phone. As a society we must learn to limit our technology use to avoid destroying our current values. If we continue heading in the path that we are following then there will be no way to reverse the damage once we completely prefer technology over our loved
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