Roles Of Technologies In Promoting Scientific Literacy Essay

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Discuss the roles of technologies in promoting the scientific literacy.
Human have been evolving throughout the century, each century has given us so many inventions that bring human life forwards and thus giving us so much opportunity to make use of these inventions in future. The introduction of technology in modern life is most likely affecting all living things especially human being. The roles of technologies broaden almost every aspect in our life such as lifestyle, education, knowledge and many more. Technology comes in handy especially when it comes to promoting scientific literacy among students, educators or scientist. With the development of information and communication technology (ICT) rapidly growing, using computer technology in teaching science has become common. The most used technology nowadays is computer and internet. These two compliments each other so well that it is beneficial in promoting scientific literacy.

There are all sorts of technologies that lead to the fulfillment of knowledge onto human society. According to Laugksch (2000) and Adubifa (2003), development in society significantly affected by the individual’s level of scientific literacy therefore the growth of economy and social
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By implementing the use of ICT in school, I believe that science subject will be one of the students’ favorable subjects. The Government should invest such technologies in order to produce more scientific literate students hence bring beneficial result later not only to society, but also to economics, educations and industrial development as well. I hope that by the year 2020, our country will have more specialists in science field due to the implementation of technology in teaching science

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