Role Of Technology In Shopping Malls

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Technology plays a very important role in the constitution of human nature and identity. Humans have shaped and extended themselves by virtue of technical tools and artifacts. Human beings are always trying to develop technology which will support and fulfill their basic needs with a easier and faster way. With the growing economy, urbanization and industrialization in recent years it has made a significant change in the global market. The grocery section plays an important part in the worldwide economy acquiring a good position with most convenient and diverse business across the globe. Now a day’s purchasing and shopping at big malls is becoming a daily activity in metro cities especially on holidays and weekends. Shopping mall is a place where people from all walks of life will get there daily necessities.. One has to keep worrying about the amount brought whether it will suffice the need or not. There are some problems that are currently faced by the customer. The present scenario is that usually a person comes with a list of required products, while shopping he selects the product among different brands depending upon details he get after reading on the pack or the feedback. When all required products are placed into cart the person moves towards billing counter where he may have to stand in a long queue to pay the bill depending upon the rush in mall, unnecessarily wasting valuable time. The rush is even more during the special offers and discount; in this case a lot
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