Veteran Teacher Qualities

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The role of a teacher is very important and effective in a society and there is great impact of teacher’s capabilities on the personality and character of a child. Different types of teachers leave different values and traces on the personality of a student therefore it is necessary to identify the role of teacher on the performance of a student (Mitchell, Bradshaw & Leaf, 2010).
Veteran teachers are those individual who have been a teacher in the armed forces of any state. The nature of veteran teacher is entirely different as compared to the traditional teachers in terms of strictness, discipline and loyalty. The veteran teachers can play effective role in leading a school administration due to heir in built qualities of leadership and management
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The six qualities include that they are the real mentors for the students as most of the students in their beginner phase of life usually idealized the personality of the veterans and their life style due to which they set their veteran teachers as their mentors. The second quality is that the veteran teachers have good commanding and instructing abilities due to which they can control the school operations and functions. The third quality is the influencing and effective interpersonal communication style of the veteran teachers due to which they have great impact on the student’s psychology as well as on teachers. Another quality of the veteran teachers is that they are continuous learner due to which they constantly learn and practice new and innovative methods of teaching and administrating. Veteran teachers are also optimistic and hopeful in nature as they find some path in most difficult and complex situations, and this quality helps the students to be optimistic and problem solving (Day & Gu,…show more content…
This study determined that veteran teachers found to be able to resist controlling and regulating factors even for the factors which are outside their control. By understanding the characteristics of the veteran teachers, the study examined that mandates and norms relevant to the organizational setting to find out common behaviour of resilient teachers and the veteran teachers are able to share the tacit knowledge of resilient being the enthusiastic teachers whose common traits will make a stronger education work force as compared to the trainee teachers (Meister & Ahrens,
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