Role Of Villains In Romeo And Juliet

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The Villains in Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet put all of their faith into the Nurse and Friar Lawrence. They think that they are good confidants when in reality it is their fault that Romeo and Juliet die. Juliet and Romeo in William Shakespeare 's play Romeo and Juliet, make poor decisions in choosing the Nurse and Friar Lawrence as their personal advisors. Some reasons being the Friar could deny their ability to get married, the Nurse can convince Juliet it is a bad idea to marry Romeo, and finally Friar Lawrence can put more effort into telling Romeo his plan about Juliet. All of these are wonderful reasons as to why the friar and the Nurse are the primary suspects of the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. First off Friar Lawrence is the main reason Romeo and Juliet suffer so greatly. He allows them to get married, even though they are too young for marriage. He allows the marriage in hopes it will stop the feuding of the two houses. He says “ ‘In one respect, I’ll thy assistant be;/ for this alliance may so happy prove/ to turn your households rancor to pure love./” (Shakespeare 2.3.90-92). One might think the only reason he allows the marriage is to make the two houses stop fighting for personal reasons; such as wanting fame for bringing the two houses together after such a long time of…show more content…
He can put much more effort into telling Romeo his plan. The first message Romeo does not receive, so the Friar says “But i will write again to Mantua, and keep her at my cell till Romeo come” (Shakespeare 4.2.27-28). He receives news that Romeo was unable to receive his first message so he claims he will write another letter, basically when he finds time to do send it. Until then he keeps Juliet in his cell. Romeo still gets no word on this plan, so he comes to Verona and commits suicide right beside
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