An Essay On Women's Empowerment Of Women

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Over the years, the concept of Women Empowerment becomes most prominent and discussing issue. Women today are being gradually recognized as important, powerful and meaningful contributors to the life of men; but till a few decades back, their condition was pitiable. This concept is very useful for overall development of the country. But it is not so easy, because the status of women is always in the dark especially in India. They have never been getting their basic rights of freedom, independence and proper education in real sense. They are killed on the name of prestige of family, cast or religion. The constitution of India has provides fundamental rights to every person including women. There are various acts and regulations which provides protection to women from…show more content…
Increase in the incidence of these crimes can be traced to several factors. Before knowing about 'empowerment of women ', we should understand what we think of 'empowerment '. 'Empowerment ' refers to the ability of a person to have this qualification in which he can take all decisions related to his own life. Even in the empowerment of women, we are talking about the same capability, where women are independent of all the bonds of family and society and themselves are the creators of their decisions. Normally students take this topic to discuss in their school or write some paragraph or write essay. We are providing some essay on this subject to help the students here. In the simple words Women 's Empowerment can be defined as ‘it makes women powerful so that they can take every decision related to their lives themselves and live well in the family and society. To empower them to achieve their true rights in society, women
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