Role Of Women Empowerment In Pakistan

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Women empowerment and economic development in Pakistan 1 .Problem statement Women constitutes the half of the world’s population. They do two-third of worlds work and receives only one-tenth of world’s income and less than one-hundredth of its property. Women holds a major portion of the world and our society. But they are deprived of their rights. In our…show more content…
There is a need to gradually change the attitude of our society towards women. They should not be treated as dependent on men. Empowerment in today 's era is education and technology so to empower women we have to invest on women and give them chance to be part of any field which they want rather than restrict them to specific fields. Women empowerment is actually providing women with the rights of education, skills, health, and job opportunities which eliminate poverty. Societies that do not invest in women have to pay for it in the form of slow economic growth. Empowered women in the economy have more contribution to their families and societies and they depend less on men. Working women are more confident and can make their own decisions. Women empowerment brings a positive change in the development of economy. When women have rights of education, skills, knowledge, health and jobs, their hidden potential will be utilized and both males and females will work together in the society. In this way, society will prosper and develop. 6 .Explicit results and discussions • It will be provided by empirical analysis. 7 .Conclusion and policy

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