Women Empowerment Research Paper

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This research paper is focus on the issue related to the role of women empowerment in the society. Women empowerment is necessary in every field for the development of the society. Women are the key factor for the growth and development of any society. Women significantly affect and increase the standard of the society and level of the society. Women empowerment is not only affect the growth of the society but also boost up the economy of the country. This research paper revealed that the role of women empowerment for the society and also highlight the importance of women for the economic development of the country. No country can achieved the better growth level without the women and women empowerment is important in areas such as education,…show more content…
It is the ability to direct and control one’s life. The word empowerment is defined as the process of obtaining basic opportunities for the targeted people. It also includes encouraging and developing the skills in the individual. People already have some hidden quality, talent . Empowerment acts as a motivational factor and motivates them about their talent and enhancing their skills and talent. Amartya Sen(1993) defines empowerment as “altering relations of power which constrain women’s option and adversely affect health and well being.” • Women Empowerment Women empowerment is a process by which women gain control over their lives and claming their right at all the level of society. Women empowerment means improving the condition, standard, events of women in the society and gives them better life. Women empowerment is necessary in every areas like education, health, social. Different writes have described women’s empowerment in different ways but all the definition are same describing the power and ability by women towards their…show more content…
Studies revealed that women cover half of the population of the country and carry two third of the total work load of the country. So everybody should give respect and appreciate them, always try to give opportunity to them. Government is also taking serious steps towards women welfare. Government launch the various scheme for the women, some NGOs are working for women empowerment. The National mission for empowerment of women is launched on 8 march 2010 by the ministry of women and child development working for women empowerment. The aim of this mission to strengthen the women condition and work for women welfare. We should also give support to them in everywhere and help them in development of the

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