Role Of Women Empowerment

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Chapter 1 Introduction Empowerment-the concept The concept of women empowerment emerged during the 1980s when development thinkers and feminists started questioning the prevailing paradigm of development which was largely economistic in its orientation. It was increasingly realized that development process should be “participatory, accountable and transparent” with equal participation of all the sections in decision making process and outcome of development. According to this thinking empowerment entailed transformation of political, economic and social structures to ensure more participation and visibility of women in all spheres. Empowerment of women has been defined as the ability or the autonomy to exercise agency in different spheres of life. Kabeer (2000) has captured the meaning of the term in a complete way, defining empowerment as the “expansion in people’s ability to make strategic life choices in context where this ability was denied to them.” Also, empowerment is the process of change and women themselves must become the agents of that change. Kabeer explains the concepts in the terms of 3 components- “Resource”, “Agency” and “Achievement”. “Resources” refer to the factors that can propel the process of empowerment. Agency stands for the ability to make “strategic life choices”, strategic choices being the situations which most impact the daily lives of women. “Achievements”

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