Role Of Women In Aslam

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However, Aslam exposes the subservient characteristics of its female characters through their actions and conversation to the male members of the society that is an indirect allusion to the men that they are supposed little bit superior to women in certain degrees: “Like everyone else in the town Maulana’s wife addressed him ‘Maulana ji’; she has never used the word ‘tu’ (Season 2008: 11). The word ‘Like everyone else’ signifies that almost all South Asian women act in similar ways and expected to be subservient women. Nadeem Aslam explores his female characters through their devotion and dedication towards their household duties, constantly kept in unchanging atmosphere makes them typical masters in their domestic chores: “She tested the temperature of the baking- iron with the pinch of flour- it turned brown immediately, the smell of signed starch spreading through the small room” (P. 11). In both of his novels, Aslam has portrayed women with the continuing struggle to maintain their traditions and culture irrespective of the changing norms of the modern world. Daily rites and rituals are practiced in accordance with the typical Pakistani culture. “(P. 15). Asian culture demands its women to demonstrate their set of traditions and values projecting them into the next generation as part of their legacy. Aslam suggests that women are answerable to everything happens within the boundaries of their houses and therefore titled ‘cultural bearer’ (qtd in Mortada). Nadeem Aslam

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