Role Of Women In Bollywood Movies

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In most societies, men were seen as breadwinners while role of women was restricted to being a good homemaker and a good mother. Media played an important role in the modernization of societies and greatly affected the image of women in today’s modern world. Over past decades, Indian cinema has witnessed a significant transformation in the way women are portrayed through Bollywood Hindi movies. Contemporary Bollywood Hindi movies portray women as more independent, confident, and career oriented. So I want to focus on the fast changing role of women which is portrayed in Indian Bollywood films and its influence on the patriarchal Indian society with a focus and with some examples of some representative Bollywood Hindi movies. Define societal expectation: “The roles we internalize associated with certain projection and norms of behaviour, it is believed that people take on and act out certain roles according to culture and society” definition by McLeod, (2008) - Social Expectation for Men and Women. Even in Gulzar interview (2014), he has stated that, women should recognized themselves as well as their roles in the film and should not only work for money or to be at number one position in this film industry but should decide for themselves which roles best suits them and gives them respect which they deserved. I do agree with Gulzar sir, women should take up roles which suits that and not just for

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