Oppression Of Women

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The first chapter makes an introductory assessment of Indian English women novelists in general and makes a brief survey of the portrayal of women with specific account of suffering and discrimination in particular. It deals with the development of genre ‘novel’ in Indian English literature with the focus of women novelists of the period. This chapter explores the fictional portrayal of suffering woman and her subjugated status in the male dominated society. It explores that the women were fated to suffer and struggle right from birth to their death. It is observed that women are still suffering and their struggle has not ended yet. Sarah Grimke’s observation in Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Woman (1853) explores how women still are deprived for their basic rights…show more content…
The protagonist Virmati’s endeavors against all odds in her search of self-identity in the male dominated society are studied. The novel explores the agony and plight of a woman in a male dominated society where woman’s existence is neglected on the ground of her inferiority to men. It is observed that women were never considered important and always forced to lead miserable life according to tradition and customs. Virmati, though born and brought up in the traditional joint family where women’s existence has contextualized with domestic duties, she rebels against the tradition in her journey for self-fulfillment; but she suffers a lot in the process and ends nowhere. Her search for love, own space and fulfillment remains endless. Although she fights against the so-called odds, like fight for education, illicit relationship with a married man, abortion and prefers to be second wife and she gets only suffering, humiliation, alienation and distress in return. She leads homeless and distressed life. She became the epitome of a suffering woman in the male dominated
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