Role Of Women In Fashion Photography Essay

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In the highly emancipated and globally inter-connected that world we live in, there are as many voluble admirers as there are severe detractors for the prolific use of sexuality and nudity in expressing the image of women in fashion photography. No medium blurs the margins between creativity and insult as finely as the medium of fashion photography. The portrayal of women, with focus on every bit of their body and selves, has been at the core of fashion photography for significant decades now. Opinions range from vituperative to pure admiration at this obsessive engagement with portrayal of women. To understand this imagery today, it’s interesting to travel to yesterday to know how it began and evolved – both the celebration and objectification of women. In the book , ‘Way of Seeing, John Berger travels to Renaissance to highlight the use of ‘sexualized…show more content…
The years , 1960-80 have been called the years of ‘sexual revolution’ in fashion photography. According to Lina Salete Chaves, from the University of South Florida, "With the popularity of Playboy, Sex and Single Girl, and Cosmopolitan, these magazines sent women new cultural affirmations about their sexuality that tied together ideas of individualism and consumerism to sexual liberation". Undoubtedly, the world of fashion photography today belongs to controversial giants like Terry Richardson and Juergen Teller who have empowered the sexual imagery of their work to reach unparalleled heights and
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