Gender Norms: The Impact Of Globalization On Women

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Around the world, females are conjoined with taking care of others. Women are ascribed with the responsibility of their family more than men are. With a look into the family formation, if the daughter disrespects her parents or if the mother does not want to look after her child or if the wife leaves her husband women’s are seen more reprehensible then sons, fathers and husbands. The gender norms set all around the world hold back women by keeping them under pressure and not allowing them to set or reach their own goals. But with new developments the gender norms have and are still trying to change and gain new forms. So what does globalization mean? We show that globalization is made up of the accumulation of links across the world's major…show more content…
Even the most local developments may come to have enormous global consequences. The boundaries between domestic matters and global affairs can become increasingly blurred.(Held et al. p.483) To sum up the definition given in a short case, globalization is an intricate financial, political, social, and geographic process amid which the development of assets, associations, beliefs, talks, and people groups become progressively logically worldwide or transnational. Women play a major economic role in driving globalization, mainly because they participate in worldwide agriculture, small and micro-enterprises, and export-processing industries. Without including household labor and informal economic activity, women encompass 854 million workers of the global workforce. (Montour, p.397) Gender differences in education and work experience contribute to a gender wage gap. Gender differences in education and employment have narrowed over time. The gender differences in the impact of education on employment vary considerably across institutional contexts. The social context and our gender category contribute to gender differences in labor supply. Our gender identity and power relations evolve from thousands of interactions across our lives. (Nica,…show more content…
The most noticeable among the international treaties is the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The Economic Covenant which underlines the importance of nondiscrimination on the basis of gender in the second and third article. The Civil Covenant assures women's civil rights. The ILO conventions C.100 (equal remuneration for equal work) and C.111 (elimination of discrimination on employment and occupation) have also been widely ratified around the world. These treaties give the chance to keep the countries under

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