Role Of Women In Homer's Odyssey

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The role of women in Odysseus' voyage is very important. It's by virtue of women that this whole story even led the way it did. It was because of beautiful Helen that the Trojan war began, and because of Odysseus' love for Penelope that Odysseus needed to come back to Ithaca, and the famous Athena was an immortal goddess that made his voyage home possible. These three women shape the story of Odysseus. The women in this story are aimed to the point, and are have very meaningful roles in Odysseus' life.

The first very important role of a woman in Odysseus' story is Helen. Helen had the start on this journey. Odysseus' great voyage began when he and many other men left to battle in the Trojan War. The cause of the war was Helen, with very powerful beauty. Many men went to fight that battle, and Odysseus was one of them, he left his home, risking his life, and risking the fact that he might never see his wife again. If it weren't for Helen, Odysseus might've never left Ithaca, get lost, and wouldn't have been taken in by a great destiny of unpredictable adventure. But he did, and he left his home to fight bravely in the war, left his home, and knew that the path he would follow next would be extremely dangerous. Helen is a role of a woman who
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The three women had created a powerful cause in the meaning of Odysseus' every step. Together they shaped his entire journey. Though the women didn't seem like they played a big part in the story, if you look deeper and analyze the causes, you will see that the women make most major reasons for situations to evoke. Helen started the war, causing Odysseus to leave his home. Odysseus' love for Penelope was too deep, that he had to come back to her, even if that meant risking his life through dangerous monsters. And finally goddess Athena helped him throughout his way back home, she watched him, and was always by his side. Without these women the story would not
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