Essay On The Role Of Women In Medieval Europe

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Role of Women in Medieval Europe Women Women are one of the most important people, and they face discrimination and hardships all of the time. They are termed as weak and are often not treated well. Medieval Europe According to the Europe history, the medieval period or the middle ages lasted from the 5th to the 15th era. It all started with the downfall of Western Roman Empire and then got mixed into the period of Renaissance and the age of discovery. The concept of women changed a lot during the middle ages, there were certain factors which influenced the change in the role of women. Women also held certain important role during the middle ages such as of a wife, a mother, nun and even as a Queen. But mostly this was one of the most harsh and uncomfortable period for women, as men had the most…show more content…
Women today pursue a variety of different career paths which include jobs which were previously only fulfilled by men; these include jobs such as being a doctor, lawyer or politician for example. Women’s employment in medieval times Generally speaking, few women worked in medieval times although some did venture into the realms of writing, nursing, baking, spinning and weaving; many also worked alongside their husbands in the fields, although they did not gain any recognition for this work. Women received much less pay than men and often had to have several jobs to earn the same wage. The principal role of women in medieval times was to care for their children and husband and look after the home; their chores often included doing housework, cooking and looking after their children. The role of a wife was very important and women were expected to tend to their husband’s needs at all times; the man, in turn, usually went out to work in order to earn the money needed to support the family. Rights for

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