Role Of Women In Pakistan Essay

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Presently, without active participation of women, a nation cannot attain sustainable economic development, stability and self-reliance. Pakistani women are 50% of its total population. They can play important role for economic development if they are educated and empowered with right skills. It is the need of the hour that women should be motivated and encouraged to participate in various economic activities. They may utilize their knowledge, learning and talent in the field of entrepreneurship. This would eliminate gender barriers which bound women’s aptitude towards businesses. Governments of Pakistan have initiated programs to promote economic empowerment of women. Culture and traditions may become a hurdle for a woman in the way of doing a job or venturing into her own business. The purpose of this research paper is to highlight the importance of women’s participation in different economic sectors and entrepreneurship. Being citizens of an Islamic State, women can perform economic activities taking the leaf from the life of our beloved Holy Prophet (SAW)’s wife; Hazrat Khadija (R.A). This research paper followed descriptive and analytical approach.
Key Words- Pakistan, Women Economic Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Government, South Asia
A woman plays an indispensable and key role in economic development of any nation.
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Agriculture is the key sector for women’s employment. The second largest sector of women’s employment is manufacturing sector. Before 1990s, women were mostly employed in manufacturing sector. Women’s move from manufacturing to community services might be due to a decline in industrial sector. It also impacts work generating capability in the employments where female workers are concentrated. Nevertheless, in FY 2013-2015,women’s contribution is increasing in manufacturing sector. Their share is also increasing in wholesale and retail

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