Women In The Renaissance Period

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In the renaissance period, the status and the presentation of women was oppressive and restrictive. Women were allowed to enjoy very few economic and political rights and acted submissively in front of their fathers and husbands. They were forced to remain in the domestic part of their society. Their roles as daughters, mothers and wives were considered significant in the renaissance age. Their reproductive capabilities was extremely important for inheritances and for maintaining the family line. From the renaissance (c.a. 1400-1600) which is known as the age of enlightenment, to the eighteenth century, women were considered to be inferior to men but the condition of women started to gradually improve. They were able to speak in front of the public. These conditions were written in certain books and the writings of figures such as Mary Wollstone Craft. To become educated in the classical culture of the ancient Greeks and Romans was one of the main goals of…show more content…
Renaissance age is also considered as the age of rebirth of women which made new discoveries to improve their poor condition. Marrying and taking care of their children and household was their main job or duty. If they had no male relative then they were forced to become nuns for the rest of their lives. There was no class difference, women of all the classes were expected to do all kinds of jobs. Some women were told to help their husbands in running their business as well. Women’s actions and ideas had to have an input towards the males. While upper classes runs their husband’s business, women of the lower class worked in the lands. “First lady of the Renaissance Age: Isabella”, She patronized and promoted the arts and allowed artists and writers to exchange their ideas and views in their home. During her years of ruling, she set a huge example for women which had a great impact on politics, social life and
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