Role Of Women's Suffrage In Society

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Advances are Being Made The gender divide has been around since man and woman walked the earth. Women have always had to fight to be equal with men. There were many movements such as Women’s suffrage that took many years to even be heard. In 1918 Representative Rankin opens debate on a suffrage amendment in the House. The amendment passes however it fails to win the required two thirds majority in the Senate. In 1919 the Senate finally passes the Nineteenth Amendment and the ratification process begins. August 26, 1920, three quarters of the state legislatures ratify the Nineteenth Amendment. This is just the last step of the process that American women had to go through to gain the right to vote.. Women's suffrage is just one idea that shows…show more content…
In the excerpt “Hidden Lessons” from their book, “Failing at Fairness: How Our Schools Cheat Girls”, Myra Sadker and David Sadker featured teachers at work. They studied how the teachers treated male and female students. In the study, the teachers favored the male students over the female students. They focused their questions towards the boys. The female students just received the information. The males were able to have a conversation with the teacher rather than simply regurgitating the information as the females did. This shows the advantage the males had over the females in a direct approach. Looking at the teacher's, someone may wonder why the mostly female teachers focused more on the males than the females Tennanen states “students who speak frequently in class, many who are males, assume that it is their job to think of contributions and try to get the floor to express them.” Maybe the teachers have to focus on the male students because they command their attention. even prinz has something to say on the fact that most teachers focus on the male students over female students “Women are routinely ignored ,talked down to, and hit on by male college professors. They are often not encouraged in their academic pursuits and not believed in.” The major push to keep women behind the scenes in the classroom is a direct act of injustice and…show more content…
Men and women both have expectations that society expects them to fulfil.. However, they can step up to the challenge and public speak as well or even better than males. Males biologically have a different mindset than women but the women can overcome the mindset that science predicts is who they are. They both have learned limitations placed on them that carry on to their descendents. The importance of the gender divide is evident because women have worked so hard to come to even be in competition with men. The fact that women can not even have the same opportunities as men sitting in the same classrooms is atrocious. There needs to be a stand against the these types of teachers so that the kids do not continue on in life and become these teachers that continue the pattern. Make the stand and help get gender equality in the classrooms. There is a gender divide. The question is what do we do about it? When you look at the gender divide you must keep an open mind and remember that there are two sides to the coin. The only way that this discrimination can be fought is to remember that facts can be over written by will and only those who have the will to fight will win. Stop focusing on the negatives and focus on the positive outcomes from the gender
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