Role Of Wooers In The Odyssey

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After Odysseus gets home and finds out that the wooers had taken over his home he is furious. "I only hope that some power may swaft you away to the safety of your own home and that you may not have to face him when he comes to his native land. For not without bloodshed, will the wooers and he part one from the other once he is under his own roof."(Odysseus). Odysseus is displeased with the actions of the wooers and has a plan to deal with them.
Odysseus finds out about the wooers and what they want to do he gets mad. The wooers come from all over Ithaca to seek the hand of Penelope the queen of Ithaca and Odysseus’s wife. The wooers eat and steal his stuff and they attempted to kill his son and steal his wife. I do not think the punishment
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