Role Of Youth In Peace

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“Youth is important as oxygen is for human, Peace is important as breath, Tolerance is important as success, Interfaith harmony is important as freedom”
Youth plays vital role in everything, everywhere. Diversity exists everywhere in this world and it should be accepted to create a balanced and peaceful society. Thus, for each and every country, youth is very important factor in creating a harmony. Youth contributes innovative ideas and they are fresh and young blood who can accomplish entire plan with their passion and hard work. If youth want to change anything they do it by hook or by crook. No matter how many hurdles they face once they commit to do it
Nowadays youth are really open minded, they focus on new challenges, they want to promote peace, and establish a peaceful society as whole. In today society peace is really important. PEACE itself creates path. For many people peaceful life is what an ideal life looks like.
Believe in freedom of choice is very important so everyone’s opinion and choices are accepted. If there is any incident, youth should be the one to come forward and play their role for peace to make sure people from with diverse culture can live together without clash. In a country like UK which is most multi-cultured country, if there is no tolerance, it will be impossible to survive with every other person having different views. Since youth is basically the future of any country, it is
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