Role Of Youth In The Youth

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Promoting Youth for Rural Transformation Our country is known for its Villages with natural beauty, greenery all around, fresh air, people involved in agriculture and allied activities and living with the feeling of co-operation. Today, though our country is a developing nation but our villages are still lacking in basic amenities of life. Lack of employment, health facilities, sanitation and education are still major problems of many villages. With rapid urbanization, where the urban areas are full of secondary and tertiary sectors which provide employment to a larger population, even the primary sector could not efficiently flourish in rural areas. There are super speciality hospitals, specialised centres, demand driven markets, good infrastructure in urban areas whereas the rural areas do not have even a health care centre with complete facilities and schools with good infrastructure. Therefore there is an utmost need of rural transformation. We have the largest Youth population in our country which if channelized in right direction, can do miracles. The youth can play prominent role to transform the rural areas. About 70% youth of our nation live in rural areas but only 10% of them are educated. Illiteracy among youth is also a major problem which could only be resolved when youth would understand the importance of education. Real development of village is in its full education. This Youth mass have to be redirected so that they can become self-reliant and work for the

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