The Purpose Of Play In Early Childhood

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In this essay I will discuss the purposes of play in learning and development in early childhood. I will also support my perspective with analysis of my observations of children’s play. Play in early childhood is vital in children developmental process as it contributes to the development of their cognitive development, social skills, emotional regulation and boosts their physical confidence. Play is how children begin to understand and process their world. Children's play unlocks their creativity and imagination, and develops reading, thinking, and problem solving skills as well as further develops motor skills. It provides the base foundation for learning. My three observations are called, The Lizard King, Best Friends and The Power Rangers…show more content…
There are paper and crayons on the table for them to play with. Rose is extremely creative and loves to draw at every time she gets she will draw. Michael is her best friend and although he sees the other boys playing dragons he decides to sit beside Rose. Rose gives him a piece of paper and some crayons and says, ‘I am going to draw a princess and her castle.’ Michael looks on at the dragon game again and decided because he wanted to join but played with Rose instead he wants to draw dragons with ‘huge big fire coming out his mouth’. Michael acts like a dragon blowing fire out his mouth. Rose looks extremely amused by his actions. Michael and Rose draw away, giggling to each other about how silly the dragon will be. Michael couldn’t stop laughing when Rose suggested putting boots on the dragon. Rose said maybe the dragon was here to rescue the princess because the dragon Michael drew was a good dragon. 

Later in the day I notice Michael and Rose acting out the princess and the dragon. It was soon stopped due to lunchtrime.
In this observation it is clear Rose is demonstrating leadership skills. She makes sure Michael has what he needs to take part in drawing with her. She also demonstrates leadership skills as Michael does watch the boys and you can see he wants to play with the boys but instead plays with Rose. There is something about Rose that he loves and wants to be around. Rose and Michael in this observation are building…show more content…
Superheroes are seen to be mighty, powerful and loved. Children like to take part in role play because they create identities as seen in my previous observations. In this observation the children are superheroes, in their mind they are a superhero and this is how a superhero should act. Of course children get influenced from television and books, this is evident in this observation as the young boys play power rangers and need two girls to complete the power rangers gang. Imagination is still strong as the group decide to come up with a story and they use the climbing frame as a volcano. I think we need to remind children that even though superheroes are these powerful figues, heroes can be everyday people aswell. LATER ON Mlutherking (future practice.) 
According to Bauer and Dettore(1997), children find becoming a superhero appealing for several reasons: 1.) children are primarily intrigued by the powers of superheroes, 2.) superheroes demonstrate extraordinary strength and are capable of incredible accomplishments, 3.) superheroes possess powers children may wish they had. From this superhero fantasy play is appealing because it allows children to assume roles and explore diffent personas. Although many theorists believee superhero play is more appealing to young boys this observation shows 2 out of 5 were girls and thoroughly enjoyed it. In my opinion the media aims superhero
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