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The International Encyclopedia of Education (vol. 8) define the role play as a group of techniques in which participants are asked to accept a different identity to try to think their way into someone else’s situation and perhaps, into their minds as well (Abigail. Osuafor,2001)1 This review of role play indicates the importance of this strategy .”Role -playing can also be a useful teaching and learning activity to encourage students to participate more in the lesson and facilitate their understanding”(Cimar,2007) . This can imply the general importance of role play of understanding what relating to science teaching and learning . MeSharry Jones agrees with using role play strategy which is work in with students- centered’ learning ‘ .Therefore…show more content…
Adam (2002)9 sees role-playing as simply a less technologically elaborate form of simulation. I think that the biggest challenge in public schools is the lack of the resources ,so I think this strategy is convenient for application without using any resources .This strategy goes with context of my inquiry with this lack of resources . The Role -play strategy have many advantages in education for students and the teachers.Regarding students benefits asJarvis,Odell andToriano see that it encourage the students to make reflection about their knowledge of subject and they see it an excellent teaching method for reviewing material at the of the course ,But I don’t agree with them, I think students through revision should imply what they understand , but the effectiveness of this strategy is to introduce the difficuit concepts in the learning precess to make all students engaged and entertained which is reflected on their knowledge. Also, when the students participate they become embedded with the concepts that is very important to make a deep understanding of these concepts and this participating increase the learning as (fogg ,2001)sees , In addition, role play gives life of the theoretical materials.Also, It has a great benefit because the students are able to connect between the theoretical aspects and practiacal aspects.Finally, the…show more content…
Role play can help to dvelope key scientific skills (Hodgson,2010) .Because the 7th grade lack of these interpersonal scientific skills , this strategy can help the students acquiring these skills. To achieve the outcomes, the student should make an effective discussion with his colleague to make the supportive environment for learning and making reflection about his Knowledge by applying role play.”it encourages individuals,while in role,to reflect upon their Knowledge of subject”(lori.jarvis,Kathryn odell,Mike troiano). Feelings and knowledge gaining help the students to be life long learners .Regarding disadvantages of this strategy, it does not take into consideration the differentiation and learning style. So I am going to keep in mind the students characteristics and disabilities through my planning . So I decided to give the students the scenario before the time of the class to let them have the assistance from other student who can help them. Dana Cracium concluded that preparing the scenario for the class is a hard process, and it needs a long time But I think if the students are engaged may be can learn

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