Summary: Role Play Scenarios

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Role Play Scenarios
Scenario 1
Suppose you work in public relations department at ACME and ACME’s advertising department used false information to advertise the services/products of the company. As public relations, you are supposed to address this issue in order to change the perception of the public. This is because if the customers continue to buy the products and they find out that what they heard in the TV commercials is not what is being offered, it will affect the brand image of the ACME. Therefore, the interns will be divided into two groups an equal number, A and B. Group A will play a role of being ACME public relations department who are trying change the perception of customers due to the false information used in the TV commercial.
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However, it currently lacks land for expansion. So, in order to get land for its expansion, it has to buy land from residents who are settled near its premises. That means it has to resettle the residents who are settled in that place. However, the residents are not willing to sell off their land to ACME as they claim their land is product and they cannot afford to lose it. So, as ACME public relations interns you are supposed to help ACME get the land for expansion without raising the conflict between the organization and the residents.
The group of interns will be divided into two Groups, Group A which will act as public relations representatives while Group B will represent the residents and will be bargaining for their interests.
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She currently received a large from her customers who wanted to a large. However, she did not have inventories in her stock. So, place an order to ACME to supply her with the goods she wanted. However, she did not receive the right goods she had ordered. This resulted her to lose the customer because he run out of patience and bought the goods from her competitor. Gisele is hungry with ACME because they failed to deliver her the right goods she wanted to sell to her customer. So, as ACME interns, your job is to convince Gisele to change the perception she has towards ACME. This is because ACME cannot afford to lose her as she very important customers who buy large quantity of goods.
Step 1:
The group of interns will be divided into two different teams, Team ACME and Team Gisele. Team ACME will strive to convince Team Gisele to change the perception they have towards the organization while Team Gisele will strive to get the compensation from ACME even when the goods were returned and her money was refunded to her.
Step 2:
Each team will come together to discuss the strategies use while bargaining for the good deal and in the case scenario.
Step 3:
Each team will choose their preventative to speak on their behalf. The other group members should also supplement on their representative if they feel there is something missing on what they representative said.
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