Role Playing Games Subcultures

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One goal that everyone has is that they want to belong to a subculture. Subcultures are groups of people that join together because of a shared belief or hobby. Subcultures are necessary because people, much like other animals, have an instinctual need to be in a group. I chose to investigate the famous but somehow still unknown culture of larping. I believe that larping is a game for people with avid imaginations and a love for story telling Larping (live action role-playing game) is a form of role-playing game where the players involved act out the characters they created and become a critical part of a story that an appointed GM (Game Master) or referee put together. Larping first started in the late 1970s inspired by table top role-playing…show more content…
While discussing recent club activities we got to the topic of role playing games and other systems like them when Chris mentioned that he would sometimes get together with a group of friends and have their own little larp event. At the time I had heard of larping before but only from the very rare documentaries that would talk about them, so what Chris said really piqued my curiosity. During our conversation Chris really empathized that “larping is not just some dumb hobby for people with no lives; it is really a great social collaboration for people with very avid imaginations and a love of sci-fi (science fiction) fantasy.” During our conversation I had revealed to Chris that I have an affinity for sci-fi fantasy but have never seen or participated in a larp but, if given the chance, I would love to spectate one. As luck would have it Chris told me that he was going to meet up with his friends the next Saturday and asked me if I wanted to come watch. I wholeheartedly agreed. “Great,” Chris then said, “I’ll just tell our Game Master that you’re coming.” We then decided to meet outside the Ferguson Center, and he would take me to where his friends
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