Local Government Advocacy

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1.2 Local government councillors Coucillors are representatives of their constituents and their immediate needs. They have the responsibility to address past imbalances and access to service and opportunities. Councilor’s decision has an impact on the future generation so it is important for frequent consultation with community members, ward committee members, organised interest groups and different levels of government. Councillors must ensure that people have basic services necessary to sustain their lives. Promoting social development of residents is as important as helping to create employment opportunities at local level through infrastructure and developing programmes. Councillors play a role in promoting democracy by ensuring that the…show more content…
Ward Councillors: Individuals elected by voters in every municipality to represent the voters of that particular ward in the municipal council. Assess whether services are being delivered fairly and in a sustainable way. 1.3 Key Roles of councillors This is not an exhaustive list but highlights the major activities of a councillor in a simple and straightforward way.In South Africa municipal councillors are not given The work of councillors is guided by the white paper on local government (1998). 1.3.1 Serve as representatives of the people Councillors are elected to represent residents through serving the welfare of the whole community. To perform this task the representative must determine the expectation and need of the residents. This principle recognises the need for people to have a voice in their government. Councillors need to carry out their duties in a transparent and accountable way. Their actions must be visible to the public so that the public is able to object when their interests are not being met. The councillor’s task as a representative depends on what they make of it. E.g. some coucillors will go out their way to determine the needs and expectations of the electorate and to satisfy them. While on the other hand some councillors will neglect their duties ad disregard the…show more content…
He further asserts that there is an emphasis on participatory democracy in all governance activities in South Africa. Constitutional mandates require municipalities to undertake service delivery activities with communities as local partners. Public participation is seen as not only as a pivotal role but also to enhance local democracy. Putu (2006) points out that there have to be representative ad administrative systems through which the views of the citizens are heard and fed unto policy formulation. Davids (2005) contends that effective public participation lead so better service delivery ad improves the likelihoods for the
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