Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher Essay

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Teaching is a passion that comes from within, it is a yearning desire to enrich the lives of learners with education as well as fill the emotional gaps in each learners life. As an aspiring teacher I have read countless articles on the roles and responsibilities that teachers should carry out on a day to day basis. There are so many qualities a teacher poses in order to educate, although it is other roles that a teacher would be required to fill that are so important to me. The five most important roles and responsibilities any teacher should be able to carry out are the following – being an inspiration to each and every class. Caring and being dependable to each learner. Having the ability to adapt to each new class and the problems that arise. Having a sense of compassion to each new learner that enters the class. Lastly being dedicated to being a teacher and fulfilling the roles that come with that title.…show more content…
Although those are some of the attributes needed to become a good teacher. The real roles a teacher would be required to fill are found on a much more personal level. As a teacher it is your responsibility to inspire each and every learner that comes into your class. Each lesson you teach should be a demonstration of qualities you want to install in them. Your life while in those classrooms should be an example for the learners to live by. A teacher is constantly on display and so he/she is subject to criticism and negativity as he/she is constantly being observed. Therefore his/her behaviour is up or scrutiny. A teacher should make a lasting inspirational impact that follows a student throughout their life. It is because of this very reason that her responsibility as an inspiration /educator is of vital

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