Roles: Family, Society, And Social Values

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Moreover each of the value get shaped up when new experiences are faced in various social settings. Thus comes to understand what is possible in a particular situation, what is pleasing and what the usual behavior in that situation is.
Role of family, society and educational institutions in inculcating values
Values drive our behavior and action in our everyday life. Values determine what words we use, what dress we wear, our perceptions and our understandings of others and so on.
Values are formed on the basis of our desires, inclination, needs, choices, interests and likings. These are the core of value formulation. Values has certain directional quality, it determines what choices we make, the path we choose, the direction we take. If preferences harden, become concrete, definite it becomes the basis for taking decision, our choice and action.
Knowing, understanding one’s feelings is part of value formulation. Deep liking of something involves values too. Thus people’s action, reaction towards something can make us understand what kind of value they have. And also noticing one’s behavior, their activities in their leisure time etc. will help us identifying their values.
Family Values
The family is the smallest and the most secure of all social institution Confucius, the Chinese sage of the ancient world says that the family is the foundation of the state. In fact, family has been the fundamental unit from which have sprung the finest sentiments knows to mankind it is

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