Analysis Of A Doll's House By Ibsen

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“A Doll’s House” In Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”, the author reveals the characterizations of Nora, Anne-Marie and Mrs. Linde in relating to women in nowadays societies, the women can be so childish, and some do not govern their own lives due to the lack of legal entitlement and independence and seeks the needs of truth to set others free. Nora or Mrs. Helmer is the protagonist of the play and the wife of Torvald Helmer. Nora has spent all her life doing what her husband had told her. She has three kids that are looked after by the nursery, Anne-Marie. She didn’t want to spend more times with her kids, her opinion that they may grow and learn by themselves. Not only that, her attitude is more like a child in the house, because she could ask for …show more content…

Helmer. Anne didn’t have much money or depend on any legal entitlement, but she works to earn her living. Anne loves Nora and even loving and taking good care of Nora’s children. She has genuine affection for Nora. Anne’s attitude clearly shows when Nora said, “Oh, I wish I could tear it into a hundred thousand pieces” (Ibsen, p77). Anne replied, “Good gracious me, ma’am! Why it can be easily put to rights; it only wants a little patience” (Ibsen, p78). Nora’s reaction of having an old and ripped dress sounds rude and angry, but Anne comforted her with mentioning the word patience. It tells us how very experiencing Anne is and also shows that she is much older than Nora. Anne’s attitude defines one of the women in the societies, there are women who are humble, patience and hard working for their own happiness. They truly understand the reality and the difficulties and obstacles in life but they strive to be better and remain …show more content…

Linde, a childhood friend of Nora who takes responsibility for her sick parent by marrying a rich man instead of marrying her true love who is Krogstad the poor man. Mrs. Linde married the rich man and got two sons but not too long, her husband died and she left for Nora to find a job. It maybe shows that Mrs. Linde has learned that insistence on duty is a poor substitute for life’s individual has had to work hard to stay alive. Not only that, it shows that Mrs. Linde shows how a true friendship is by sees the need for truth to come out as a means for establishing Nora’s freedom. The moment when Nora was having a hard time of figuring out the money to pay back the loan she had from Krogstad, Mrs. Linde stands up to help Nora by going and convincing Krogstad to change his mind. It is shown the part when Mrs. Linde said, “I will go to Krogstad at once and talk to him” and more on she said, “There was a time for the love of me he would have done anything”(Ibsen,p106). These phrases indicate the willing of Mrs. Linde to help and related to societies, all women must become like Mrs. Linde and be a true friendship only for the truth. Ibsen has used these women in this play to identify which type of women are we. It can be Nora with childish and greedy for money or Anne-Marie who became old but still independent and not forgetting her patience but how about Mrs. Linde who such a true friendship to Nora. This all linked to a question, what type of woman are

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