Society's Roles In A Dystopian Society

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In dystopian society there are three main types of roles which are: a hero, a villain and followers. Firstly, the antagonist of the society is ironically the authoritative figure of the society who wants the civilians to be his minions. He, the leader, did this by using the composite machines he has built to take dominance over people, which will become his followers. The followers are basically residents in city of the nefarious leader. The despicable leader did this to take eye for an eye from everyone because he was tyrannized as a teenager. As he grew he aimed to have power to bully everyone. He achieved total domination. The notorious leader supervises the citizens but not teenagers because the machine is dangerous for brains that are…show more content…
The society is situated in the planet Mars. This is because the Earth is demolished by battle called “The War of the Countries” which the presidents or the governors sent out nuclear missiles to country they had enemy with. Therefore destroying all the lifestyle and living things in the Earth. Luckily the scientists had already made a secondary domicile for humans due to overpopulation. The second domicile is located in planet Mars. But after the horrifying skirmish there is only one place to able sustain life which is in Mars. Inside Mars they have installed stupendous, large glass dome so no air is sucked out in space. The environment is quite decent and futuristic by having hovering houses which are can be transformed into a vehicles or a shelter for you. The reason why it is floating due to there is very less space in this crowded home. The ground or the surface of Mars is for jobs or schooling or normal activities like shopping. This society has taken place in the future, the year is unknown, though the people started to use a new dating system by using the time based on Mars. While the year is 210 which means that this year is basically the time people started to civilize in Mars. Due to staying of long time there are very less resources like food and equipments for house needs. That is why you could feel dead or emotion- less. The atmosphere of this…show more content…
All the rules are made by the leader and other previous leaders. There are no court to justify if you have been accused. The leader is the only who decides if you are wrong or not. He is the one who gives the punishment level. There 5 levels of punishment with 1 being the least harmful and 5 being the most harmful. The leader’s judgement could be biased and could cause a propaganda. There are many laws that applies strict rules in staying in this society. Some strict or important rules are: that under 15 are not allowed to insert a chip which can control your brain, this is connected to the previous rule which is when kids turn 16 the age of adult they are expected to help their society; are not allowed to change their job. The jobs are given to the young adults by the leader himself by looking at the the employee’s appearance. 2 most important rules are that you are not allowed disappoint the leader while the other rule is that you are not allowed to break the machines that are controlling the people’s brains or break the large glass dome which covers the outer space from Mars. People who gets punishment of level 1 are not allowed to eat or drink for a day. In the other hand punishment of level 5 is that people are sent to the outer space beyond the protective gobe. This means instant death. All these rules are applied to all people from various ages from starting from birth. From this we can
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