Roles Of Crime In Canada

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People’s feelings and mental health play a large role in crime being committed today in Canada. Most crimes done in Canada are involved with the use of guns, drugs, abuse and theft. Also the main reasons crimes are being committed can be because of depression or other mental disorders, family conditions (poor parenting skills) discrimination based on racism, politics and poverty. To lower crime rates we can firstly get guns & drugs out of the streets and into the hands of the government but also convert criminals into civilized citizens, Apply different punishments other than jail time, send ex offenders to certified rehabilitation centers.

Firstly instead of sending people to jail for 10 years and having them released with the same mindset
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If their role model happens to be a crime offender, the chances are the person looking up to him will be as well. Study shows that teenagers are most likely to do illegal activities after being peer pressured by other teenagers. Some teenagers are influenced to join gangs and this can lead to being forced to commit a crime & having to obey your gang leader. If Teenagers are hanging around a negative group of people, most likely the teen will be involved in criminal activity. Older members of gangs often take advantage of younger members and make them commit the crime so they are safe from any trouble. Sometimes teenagers are left with no choice other than to commit the crime or get beat up horribly. Teenagers don't like to be called the “uncool” group or the “loser” group so they try and fit in by following other criminals and committing crime.

Setting up surveillance cameras help a lot in today’s generation. Public cameras ensure public safety. A person would think twice before committing a crime on camera because they know their actions are being recorded. Surveillance cameras strongly help protect against property theft, vandalism and illegal drug-related
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People are often in desperate need of many things and this is a major cause of crime all over the world. Society often, misguides individuals with commercial values and making them want more and more things, to a certain point where to individual will do almost anything to get(including criminal behavior). Unemployment is also another factor of crimes being committed. All human beings need money to survive and get through this life because almost nothing is free in this world. Studies show that unemployment is by far the number one cause leading to increasing crime rates. People are unemployed they are struggling financially and emotionally because they are at a loss of income. They are open to a negative choice which is to commit crimes such as burglary and theft to gain possession of their wants and needs so they can furthermore continue on with their
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