Education In Values

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Education is not only based in the curricula of the subject but also in the moral values and attitudes towards the society they live on and the several diversity of nationalities that can inhabit in a society or at a high-school. English language is a very versatile subject not only it explains how to talk in a foreign language but how to increase their knowledge of a foreign country, this cultural aspects are not only for the Anglophones countries but it is useful to respect other societies all around the globe.
The new educative law insists on this topic and if it is taken a look to the general objective of stage some aspects of the education in values can be found. Europe has opened their frontiers and many of immigrants come to our country
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Materials and Didactic Resources
Many materials can be useful to make the English subject more attractive and more interesting. The first material with which the student has contact is the text book, the text book sometimes seems to be boring for the students and in most cases the student “forgets” or “loses” the text book. On the other hand, another book which accompanies the text book is the workbook, a quite useful book full of activities according to the unit the students are studying.
As we are in the 21st C. the proposals and materials can be beyond these two examples of materials. In all high-schools, classrooms are provided with a digital board and a projector so these two other materials can be an excellent choice for the teacher to use with their students, the projector allows to connect the teacher’s laptop and projects the content that the teacher wants them to watch to a rolling screen. So here, the teacher can project videos, s/he can reproduce music etc. and it does not give problems like it gave the audiocassette still in use at many high-schools. Another interesting room at the high-school is the Althia classroom also known as ICT room. This space can present a lot of chances to make the students to use a computer as well as learning English in a more realistic
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Through its pages it can be observed how history of the U.S.A is treated. It is important for the students to know about one of the most impressive part/s of the history of the U.S.A. in the unit of work can be regarded how many and different contents are going to be develop such as the Civic Rights where the student apart from learning about this period of time, will learn about racism, intolerance and many unfair measures taken in that period of time, so it can be said that the unit of work deals with both the subject of History and Education in Values

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